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In Learn More the National Geographic magazine team shares some of its best sources and other information to expand your knowledge of our featured subjects. Special thanks to the Research Division.

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Odyssey Marine Exploration
Visit the website of the company that discovered the steamship Republic, and view updated information about their ongoing search, recovery, and conservation operations.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
Find out more about specific coins found on Republic.

U.S. Naval History Center
Learn the military history of steamship Tennessee, later U.S.S. Mobile, and then S.S. Republic.

Vermont in the Civil War: Second Brigade
Explore the history of Colonel Nichols and the 14th Vermont Infantry.

Louisiana State Museum Medley of Culture
Find a history of Louisiana written by former state museum historian Kimberly Hanger.

Freedmen's Bureau Online
This site offers an impressive look at the bureau set up by the federal government to help the freed slaves and other refugees after the Civil War.


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