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Boat rentals within the park are available only through Aramark and Antelope Point Marina. Prices range from $816 for a basic boat for three days during low season to $9,995 for seven days on a deluxe boat in the summer. Boats rented from outside communities cannot be delivered inside the park. Visitors must transport these boats themselves.

Currently, the prolonged drought as well as the increasing demand on Glen Canyon Dam for power are resulting in extremely low lake levels, and a number of Lake Powell facilities have been affected. Hite Marina is closed for the foreseeable future. Call ahead for a report on conditions before finalizing plans at Lake Powell facilities and marinas.

Hiking From the Water
Just because you're on water doesn't mean you can't dock your boat and explore the canyons. "Some of the most rewarding experiences come from wandering around the canyons," says Kevin Schneider, management assistant at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. "There isn't much overgrown vegetation like in the forest, so you can explore off-trail. You really get the feeling of being in the wilderness."

Rainbow Bridge
Visited by 300,000 people a year, Rainbow Bridge is a sacred site to the Navajo and other Native Americans. It is also the world's largest natural bridge. The U.S. Capitol building could fit beneath its archway, which stands 290 feet (88 meters) high and 275 feet (84 meters) wide. Some avid hikers choose to trek 14 miles (23 kilometers) around Navajo Mountain to Rainbow Bridge. This route requires a lot of endurance, excellent map-reading skills, and a tribal permit from the Navajo Nation. Others can take a boat tour leaving from the Wahweap Marina. For more information, call Wahweap Marina at 928-645-2433.

Glen Canyon Dam
Don't pass up the free 45-minute tour of Glen Canyon Dam to learn how it can generate more than one million kilowatts of electric energy a day at peak capacity. From 1960 through 1963, construction workers poured 5.37 million cubic yards (4.11 million cubic meters) of concrete to build the dam and the power plant. The tour also covers various water issues and information on how the dam has affected the Colorado River. For details, call the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at 928-608-6404.

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