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Learn More
In Learn More the National Geographic magazine team shares some of its best sources and other information to expand your knowledge of our featured subjects. Special thanks to the Research Division.

Related Links

World Database on Protected Areas
The World Commission on Protected Areas runs this searchable database of protected areas around the world, focusing on the "status, environment, and management of protected areas."

Save Amboseli
This site was established immediately after the September 2005 announcement de-gazetting Amboseli and includes early press releases, the open letter to the president of Kenya, a letter to media organizations, and periodic updates on the status of the court hearing, which keeps getting postponed.

Kakadu National Park Visitor Guide
The Australian government offers an extensive, illustrated website on Kakadu, featuring maps, information on wildlife and cultural sites in the park, the history of the park's establishment, and information on the park's joint management agreement between the government and local Aboriginal groups.

Grizzly Bear Recovery
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created this informational site on the endangered species program and its effects on grizzly bear populations in the Yellowstone area and five other regions. Additional information on grizzly bear behavior, as well as maps and recovery statistics, is included as Web links.


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