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Google Earth: Zakouma

Download Google Earth Zakouma—Ivory Wars

Dive into the world of Zakouma National Park with Google Earth's 3-D globe. Rich new layers let you zoom in on the park's animal inhabitants, read author Mike Fay's journal entries, see camera-trap photos, and more. (Don't have Google Earth? Get it here for free.You must have Google Earth installed to view this file.)

Before downloading, please read the important message below. To download, right button mouse click (Control+Click on Macs with a single button mouse) to download and save this Zakouma—Ivory Wars file. Once downloaded, double click the file to open in Google Earth (you may need change the file extension to .kmz first, see below). You'll see "Zakouma—Ivory Wars" in the Temporary Places folder in the left column. Double-click each subfolder beneath it to explore the animals, geography, and other wild features of Zakouma.

Want more information about using Google Earth? Here's a "Getting Started User Guide."

IMPORTANT: Some browsers may not recognize the .kmz file extension as a unique file type for Google Earth. If your web browser recognizes and downloads this file as a compressed .zip archive or .txt (on Macs), please continue to download the file. Once downloaded, change the .zip or remove the .txt extension in the name of the file and make sure the file ends in .kmz. The file will now be recognized and will open in Google Earth. Firefox browsers on both platforms correctly recognize and open .kmz Google Earth files.