Philippine Eagle Help
Photograph by Klaus Nigge
How to Help
February 2008
Philippine Eagles: How to Help
In the rain forests of Mindanao island the high-pitch cries of juvenile Philippine eagles can be heard. But how much longer will we be able to hear this magnificent bird?

Since the 1960s ornithologists have predicted the extinction of the critically endangered Philippine eagle, which is endemic to the Philippines. The giant forest raptor survives in four locations (Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao), the primary threat to the bird is habitat loss driven by deforestation. Other threats include mining and uncontrolled hunting. Fewer than 300 Philippine eagles are estimated to survive today. Below is a list of organizations that are working to reverse the fate of one the world's largest eagles.

Philippine Eagle Foundation

Organized in 1987, the Philippine Eagle Foundation is dedicated to the eagle's survival and offers numerous programs. Some focus on protecting the bird's habitat and the biodiversity within it; others promote breeding, research, and community education.

The Peregrine Fund

The Peregrine Fund's programs focus on the conservation of national and international birds of prey. The organization works with the Philippine Eagle Foundation on several initiatives, including a captive-breeding and release program.

BirdLife International

The Philippine eagle is included in the BirdLife Species Champions campaign, which is designed to help 189 birds facing imminent extinction.

Eagle Conservation Alliance

The Eagle Conservation Alliance's mission is sustaining the populations of more than 70 different eagle species. The alliance engages in a number of conservation activities, including assisted-reproduction training for Philippine Eagle Management.