How To Help
Photograph by Vincent J. Musi
How to Help
March 2008
The Thinking Chimp: How to Help

We may be closer to the apes than we think—when we think. Scientists at the Living Links Center, part of Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center near Atlanta, Georgia, study human evolution and the relation between primate and human behavior by observing resident colonies of chimpanzees, capuchin monkeys, and other primates. Recent research includes work on gestures and language as well as selfishness versus altruism in chimpanzees. " 'Living Links' is a play on 'missing links,' since the center works with the closest living relatives of us humans," says Frans de Waal, the center's director. "We want to see how similar we are, but also how different." For more information go to emory.edu/living_links.