Senators' Statements
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To help kick off Geography Awareness Week, National Geographic invited all 100 U.S. Senators to draw a map of their home state from memory and to label at least three important places. Here's the gallery of maps from the brave Senators who took the challenge. The maps reveal home-state pride, personal history, and even some geographic humor.

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Photo: Minnesota Senator Al Franken Photo: AP
Al Franken (D)

Year Elected: 2008
Term: 1st
Born: May 21, 1951

Photo: Lighthouse
Geography Action! 2009

Each year the Geography Action! program offers tools and resources for educators to bring geography to life through school and community events. Click here to learn more and participate.

Photo: Al Franken freehand draws the U.S.
Watch Senator Al Franken draw a freehand map of the United States at the Minnesota State Fair.
Graphic: NG Map, Baltic
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