Published: March 2010

Wolf Wars


Wolf Wars

Packs are making a comeback. That’s a thrill for wildlife lovers. But wolves are still wolves, killing cattle and elk. Many Westerners are angry. And so, the age-old fight over land and food has begun anew.

By Douglas Chadwick
Photograph by Jeff Vanuga

Wolves, when you get down to it, are a lot like us.

They are powerful, aggressive, territorial, and predatory.

They are smart, curious, cooperative, loyal, and adaptable.

They exert a profound influence on the ecosystems they inhabit.

Nevertheless, we have problems with wolves, no doubt about it. Maybe we can't wrap our minds around both the big bad wolf and the close relative with the adoring gaze that follows us around the house. Or maybe it's because gray wolves are the planet's most widespread large land mammals after humans and their livestock and—in the Northern Hemisphere—have long been our most direct competitors for meat.

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