Published: May 2010

Mexican Saints

Mexico saints

Troubled Spirits

In Mexico, the harsh realities of daily life have elevated unholy saints, who now stand beside traditional icons.

By Alma Guillermoprieto
Photograph by Shaul Schwarz

The inmate known as El Niño, or Little Boy, entered the Center for Enforcement of the Legal Consequences of Crime nine and a half years ago. Tall and gangly, with a goofy, childlike smile, he appears never to have grown up, though the memory of his deeds would make another man's hair go white. Abandoned by his father when he was seven years old and raised by his maternal grandparents, he was 20 when he committed the murder that landed him in this prison in the north of Mexico. His buddy Antonio, neatly dressed, alert, quick moving, and round eyed, was shoved into the same holding cell, charged with kidnapping. "We've been friends since then," one says, as the other agrees.

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