Feral Cats Baltimore
Photograph by Vincent J. Musi
Follow Up
March 2011
Life on the Street

Part of a feral colony in the Wesport neighborhood in Baltimore, Petey (background, right) looked like he'd seen better days when a volunteer pulled him off the street. Karen Brearley of the Feline Rescue Association in Baltimore took him in for medical tests and to get neutered. “His skin was scabbed, he was thin and his nose and eyes were runny,” Brearley says. The tests showed he had FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), making him susceptible to infection and disease. Fearing he wouldn’t survive another Baltimore winter, Brearley took him to the Best Little Cat House in Pennsylvania, which provides hospice care. “He enjoyed spending days in the outdoor area at the sanctuary basking in the sunshine,” she says. Petey passed away March 31. A volunteer for Community Cats of Maryland continues to feed and provide shelter for the rest of the Westport colony. —Paul Heltzel