Living With Lions

the Prides

Location, location, location: High-quality habitat is crucial to a lion pride. Midsize prides generally control the best real estate and do better at holding on to their prime territories. Where rivers join, prey animals such as wildebeests and zebras become concentrated, making it easier for lions to kill them. Prides holding such territories produce more cubs that survive.

Where Lions Thrive
Prides that control the best territories produce the most cubs.

Pride Territories
Two to six females are optimal for prides on the plains, up to 11 in woodlands.

As of July 2012

Video (0:30)
Craig Packer talks about lion behavior.

Virginia W. Mason and Maggie Smith, NGM Staff; Lauren E. James; Animation: David Ehrenberg
Sources: Craig Packer, Anna Mosser, Daniel Rosengren, and Ali Swanson, Lion Research Center, University of Minnesota; Tanzania National Parks; Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute; Frankfurt Zoological Society