Are there too many people on the planet?

Are we in the "age of man?"

What happens when our oceans become acidic?

How will we cope with changing climate?

Can we feed seven billion of us?

What influences women to have fewer children?

Is there enough for everyone?

Are cities the cure for our growing pains?

Population is a complicated topic. With the worldwide population slated to top 7 billion in 2011, we decided it was one we needed to tackle. But we wanted to do it in a way that gives readers room to think. We spread out our coverage over a year, with articles that take deep dives into specific issues—demographics, food security, climate change, fertility trends, managing biodiversity—
that relate to global population. Our reporting is collected here. Feel free to explore and share your thoughts on twitter at #7billion.

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National Geographic Magazine, The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, PBS NewsHour, and other news media outlets are collaborating to highlight population issues around the globe. The Pulitzer Center is seeking proposals for population-related reporting. See related coverage.
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A world of 7 billion people poses many challenges, and countless opportunities to make a positive difference.
7 Billion Actions, established by the United Nations Population Fund, inspires change that will make a difference by highlighting positive action by individuals and organizations around the world. Everyone has an opportunity and a responsibility to make a world of 7 billion a better place for all of us. Share your story of how you're making a difference, and inspire others to take action.