The Big Idea
Noisy Ocean
A rising tide of man-made noise is disrupting the lives of marine animals.
Biomimetic Architecture
The nature-inspired design of Antoni Gaudí's unfinished Sagrada Família remains ahead of its time.
Backing Up History
With portable 3-D laser scanners, preservationists are making digital records of the world’s most vulnerable landmarks.
Scrubbing the Skies
Pulling CO2 back out of the air might be easier than building jets and cars that don’t emit it.
Safe Houses
Billions of people live in houses that can't stand shaking. Yet safer ones can be built cheaply—using straw, adobe, old tires—by applying a few general principles.
Get the Salt Out
There's no shortage of water on the blue planet—just a shortage of fresh water. New technologies may offer better ways to get the salt out.
Making Mars Home
What would it take to green the red planet? For starters, a massive amount of global warming.
The Carbon Bathtub
As long as we pour CO2 into the atmosphere faster than nature drains it out, the planet warms. And that extra carbon takes a long time to drain out of the tub.
Electric Cars
Electric cars will require filling stations that dispense electrons rather than gasoline.
From Africa to Astoria
DNA collected in Queens tells the story of human migration.