Dispatches from the roof of the world
Dispatch #12 April 26, 2012
Conrad Checks In
Climber Andy Bardon checks his watch at 21,585 feet (6,579 meters) between Camps 2 and 3 on the Western Cwm.

Note: This post from expedition leader Conrad Anker originally appeared on The North Face’s blog.

“Hello, this is Conrad on the 25th of April. Wednesday. And I’m calling from 6,400 meters just about 21,800 or 21,080 feet, something like that, here at Camp 2 on Everest. Our team is doing well. We’re coming up for our second rotation. Our goal is to get up to 8,000 meters, acclimatize, and then we’ll drop down and meet up with the innovation team and the Mayo Clinic team, and then come back up and have a go at the summit. I’m heading out tomorrow with 15 Sherpas, and the crew of us are going to fix ropes up to Camp 3. And we had a meeting this afternoon, and we’ve got just a boatload of ropes, ice screws, and pickets and I’m kind of excited I get to go hang out with my Sherpa friends and fix rope and go climbing, do cool stuff. So everything’s good on this end and wishing you the best. Take care, bye.”

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