Dispatches from the roof of the world
Dispatch #17 April 28, 2012
Cory Evacuated
Frank Kretschmann

Photographer Cory Richards was evacuated from Base Camp at Mount Everest this morning following the onset of symptoms of altitude sickness. He walked from Camp 2 to Base Camp under his own power and was evacuated via helicopter to Lukla where he is now receiving medical treatment.

We are grateful for the help of everyone on the scene and are very hopeful that he will recover quickly. Our thoughts are with you, Cory.

Update 4/29/12, 12:05 AM: Cory's affliction was not related to altitude, but was a possible pulmonary embolism.  Cory is now in Kathmandu, where he is resting and awaiting a diagnosis.

For more on this story visit NG News: Everest Helicopter Rescue Saves National Geographic Photographer.

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