Dispatches from the roof of the world
Dispatch #51 May 24, 2012
Message From Camp 4
Ang Kaji Sherpa
Ang Kaji got this shot of the Balcony and Camp 4 on his way to the summit on May 18. Our team is currently climbing up from Camp 4 and is expected to summit around 5 a.m. tomorrow Everest time (8 p.m. EDT today).

Mark Jenkins called us from Camp 4 this morning. The message began:

“Hello, this is Mark Jenkins reporting for National Geographic from Camp 4, on the South Col of Mount Everest. Today is the day we have been waiting for, preparing for, speaking of, and believing in. At about 9 p.m. we will take off for the summit of Mount Everest.”

Then the audio dissolved into a tangle of crackle and static. Despite the poor reception from the satellite phone, his voice sounded strong.

They’re on their way.

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