Great Migrations
Zebras: Born to Roam
Celebrated for their epic journey, East Africa's zebras follow the rain in one of the greatest migratory shows on Earth.
Wings of the Albatross
Carried by the longest wingspans of any bird, they soar for thousands of miles without ever setting webbed foot on land.
The Monarch's Winter Home
Discover the spectacular secret hideaway of monarch butterflies in the August 1976 National Geographic magazine.
Leatherback Turtles
The biggest and deepest-diving of all turtles, leatherbacks journey from Canada to nesting beaches on the sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean.
Long Journey of the Pacific Salmon
Pacific salmon return to their birthplaces to spawn and die. Read more in the July 1990 National Geographic magazine.
Africa's Flying Foxes
Decimation of these bats could have a devastating effect on tropical ecosystems on three continents. Read more about these endangered bats.
Animal Navigation
Scientists focus on the sensory systems of migratory creatures and come up with surprising answers to the question: How do they navigate?