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 'Alien' English: The Anglo-American Linguistic Divide

  England’s English U. S. Equivalent
  abseiling rappelling
  aluminium aluminum
  brilliant great, fantastic, wonderful
  carry bags grocery bags
  chemist’s drug store or pharmacy
  chip butty french-fry-and-butter sandwich
  courgettes zucchini
  crisps potato chips
  flats apartments
  jumper sweater
  mince ground beef
  motorway highway
  off-licence liquor store
  queue to line up
  rashers bacon
  return ticket round-trip ticket
  roundabout rotary or traffic circle
  scroggin (New Zealand) trail mix
  slimming dieting
  squash fruit-flavored soft drink
  stone unit of weight equal to 14 pounds (6.3 kilograms)
  subway underground walkway
  trolley shopping cart (as used in the essay)

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