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Zip Code: Mentone, Texas

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Cathy Newman

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Jodi Cobb

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in Mentone, Texas

Field Notes From Photographer
Jodi Cobb
I needed to take aerial photographs, so I hired the closest helicopter available—300 miles (483 kilometers) away in New Mexico. When the pilot showed up, he was pulling a trailer behind his pickup truck with a tiny red helicopter on it. It looked like a mosquito! We took off straight from the trailer. It was a wild ride, like floating in a bubble. And he kept his cowboy hat on the whole time. I tangled with two Texan traditions in the same day: A mesquite bush and a state trooper. I ended up with two flat tires and a speeding ticket. I was driving around, following my instincts down small dirt roads miles from civilization, when I came across a lineup of old refrigerators with large numbers painted on them. I began photographing when an angry loud voice bellowed that I was trespassing on private property. He was completely right, and I was completely embarrassed, so I began apologizing profusely. Then he laughed. “I know who you are!” he said. “Everybody in town knows who you are. I was just trying to scare you.” He did a good job of it. That was my introduction to Lloyd Goodrich and his ingenious storage system. The local eccentric turned out to be quite charming.

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