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September 2000

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Lost Tombs of Peru
An expert team searches the Andean cloud forest for the last unlooted tombs of an ancient warrior people.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Photographer Gordon Wiltsie describes the thrill of discovering a lost city in the Peruvian jungle.

Highlight: FORUMS Join our Spanish-English discussion board on the Price of Preservation. Únase a nuestro grupo de discusión en inglés y español sobre el Precio de la preservación.
The Way West

Dreaming of land and gold, wagon train pioneers blazed a 2,000-mile (3,220-kilometer) trail from Missouri to California.

Sights and Sounds

View a slide show of images from the California trails and listen as photographer Jim Richardson narrates excerpts from pioneer diaries.
Rana Tharu: Women of Grace

When warfare left them widows, legend says, these women fled to the forest of southern Nepal and founded a society that has endured for 400 years.

Highlight: FORUMS How will the encroachment of the modern world affect the unique culture of the Rana Tharus? Join our global discussion board.
When Life Nearly Came to an End: The Permian Extinction

About 90 percent of all species vanished in a mysterious mass extinction 250 million years ago.

Highlight: FORUMS In the light of mounting environmental concerns, are we at the cusp of another mass extinction? Voice your opinion.
What it Takes to Build the Unbeatable Body: Pushing the Limit

Relentlessly pushing body and mind, athletes probe the limits of human performance.

Highlight: FORUMS Share your thoughts on the “Dangers of Going the Distance” and “What Makes a Champion?”
In Search of the Clouded Leopard

A 17-year-old American continues a family tradition of conservation in India.

Highlight: MISSED THE PRESS Flash floods destroyed the area shown in the magazine’s opening pages, but you can get the story update here.
Zip USA: Mentone, Texas

Water is scarce and people scarcer, but in Mentone the human spirit flows as steadily as the oil.

Highlight: NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choice for coverage in this new magazine series.

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