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Last Month’s Winner

The winner! This was the Editor’s
choice for the September cover.

Photograph by
Joe McNally

Tally as of August 17,2000:

Photograph by
Eric Valli and Debra Kellner

Tally as of August 17, 2000:

Photograph by
Gordon Wiltsie

Tally as of August 17,2000:

October cover choices  

New Eyes on the Oceans
Riding a wave of new technology, scientists are discovering more of the ocean’s secrets, including the integral role the seas play in shaping our climate.

Wild Gliders: The Creatures of Borneo’s Rain Forest Go Airborne
A melange of creatures in Borneo’s rain forest have evolved gravity-defying means of travel.

Boston’s North Enders
Diverse cultures and new generations add a touch of spice to this urban neighborhood, but the most potent flavor of Boston’s North End is undeniably Italian.

Sky-High Over the Sonoran
Sculpted by wind and water, this intriguing North American desert reveals itself from aloft.

Deep Sea Vents: Science at the Extreme
Life thrives in the strangest places, even a mile and a half into the Pacific Ocean’s depths where magma-heated water mixes with frigid ocean in a world without sunlight.

Megatransect: Across 1,200 Miles of Untamed Africa on Foot
A conservationist sets out to survey 1,200 miles (1,931 kilometers) of African jungle the old-fashioned way—on foot—in the first of a three-part series of articles.

Archaeoraptor Fossil Trail
An investigative reporter does some digging to unearth the truth behind a case of fossil fraud.

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