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  Field Notes From
Deep Sea Vents

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Richard A. Lutz

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From Photographer

Emory Kristof

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Into the Deep

Field Notes From Photograper
Emory Kristof
I’ve visited these vents over the years and seen creation take place in this new frontier in the ocean. And the new camera systems we used on this assignment, including the large-format IMAX, allowed us to get the clearest images of this deep-sea environment to date. The vent sites are so different from anything else on Earth and so strange that they probably compare to visiting another planet. It’s a good feeling to be able to share that with people—by way of an IMAX film. There were no “worst” experiences on this assignment. The sub didn’t leak. The food was good. For whatever is under their control, the Wood’s Hole group runs a first-rate operation. There really wasn’t a “quirkiest” either. I approach my projects in the same way a plumber just goes in and gets the job done. My definition of adventure has always been what you get when you have a screw-up.

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