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October 2000

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Megatransect: Across 1,200 Miles (2,000 kilometers) of Untamed Africa on Foot
A conservationist surveys more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) of African jungle one footstep at a time in the first of a three-part series.

Sky-High Over the Sonoran

The views of this North American sea of sand are quite different from the open-air cockpit of a plane than on the ground below.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Author/photographer Adriel Heisey describes the ever-changing wonders of the Sonoran Desert.

Boston’s North Enders

The accent remains on family, friends, and good food, even as the mix changes in this traditionally Italian neighborhood.

Highlight: FORUM What happens to traditionally ethnic neighborhoods when other cultures put down roots? Share your thoughts.
Wild Gliders: The Creatures of Borneo’s Rain Forest Go Airborne

Flying snakes? Winged squirrels? Gliding is the preferred mode of travel for a variety of Borneo’s rain forest creatures.

Sights & Sounds

Borneo’s rain forest comes alive in image and sound. Author/photographer Tim Laman describes the airborne acrobatics of gliders while you sit back and watch them do their stuff.

Highlight: FORUMS How do we ensure the preservation of such specialized animals as they lose their rain forest home to logging? Join the Spanish-English discussion. Únase a nuestro grupo de discusión en inglés y espanõl sobre el preservación del bosque tropical de Borneo.
New Eyes on the Oceans

Technology is arming scientists with new tools to unlock the oceans’ secrets, including the role the seas play in climate control.

Highlight: FORUM Should more resources go into ocean research? Dive into the discussion.
Deep Sea Vents: Science at the Extreme

The best images ever reveal creatures that thrive in the super-hot, chemical-saturated waters near sea vents at the bottom of the seafloor.

Highlight: FORUM Life thrives in this harsh environment. What are the implications for the existence of life on other planets? Join the discussion.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Watch IMAX footage of this unique ecosystem and hear producer Stephen Low discuss some of the best shots of that unusual world.


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