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Last Month’s Winner

The winner! This was the Editor’s
choice for the October cover.

Photograph by
Cary Wolinksy

Tally as of September 17, 2000:

Photograph by
Tim Laman

Tally as of September 17, 2000:

Photograph by
William Albert Allard

Tally as of September 17, 2000:

November cover choices  

Libya: An End to Isolation?
It’s taken 30 years for Libya to step out from behind a veil of international isolation. Now it’s shedding its outlaw image and reaching out to the world.

Remote Russia: Expedition to the Putorana Plateau
A team of explorers takes on the wild Siberian frontier.

Photographer Carsten Peter Goes to Hell
A fearless photographer leads a team of adventurers into the furious inferno of an active South Pacific volcano.

The Art of Being Luis Marden
A master of many callings, writer, photographer, and explorer Luis Marden spent 64 years with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, shaping the magazine’s signature style.

Preying on Giants
In Botswana, a pride of lions regularly face-off with elephants and emerge the victors. This unique behavior is captured for the first time ever in print.

Megatransect: Across 1,200 Miles of Untamed Africa on Foot
A conservationist sets out to survey 1,200 miles (1,931 kilometers) of African jungle the old-fashioned way—on foot—in the first of a three-part series of articles.

Nepal: Changed for Good, for Bad, Forever
Long weighed down by poverty, the Himalaya nation faces a new challenge: Coping with the opportunities of modern times.

Pueblo Ancestors Return Home
After some 80 years ancient Native American remains return to New Mexico from a Massachusetts museum to rest in peace among their own.

ZipUSA: Beverly Hills, California 90210
Among the glitz and glamour, looks really are everything.

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