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November 2000

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Libya: An End to Isolation?
After 30 years Libya is stepping out from behind a veil of international isolation. Now it’s shedding its terrorist image and reaching out to the world.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Photographer Reza describes the challenges of gaining access in a long-isolated nation.

Highlight: FORUM After owning up to terrorist acts, can Libya be trusted? Join the discussion. Vista como una paria internacional durante dácadas, Libia empieza a salir de su aislamiento, despojiéndose de su pésima imagen y extendiendo su mano al resto del mundo. ¿Podemos confiar en Libia ahora que admiten haber cometido actos terroristas?

Sights and Sounds

View a slide show of Reza’s images, and listen to author Andrew Cockburn as we peer behind the veil.
Remote Russia: Expedition to the Putorana Plateau

A team of explorers seeks Siberia’s wild heart.

Highlight: FORUM What would you be willing to do to have your government clean up pollution that threatens the environment? Voice your opinion.
Photographer Carsten Peter Goes to Hell

A daredevil photographer leads a team of adventurers into the inferno of an active South Pacific volcano.

Highlight: FORUM Signs of trouble started early in the expedition when porters threatened to strike. The situation deteriorated when they stole equipment and supplies and left part of the team stranded. What should explorers do when the people they hire to help turn on them? Who holds responsibility when such a situation breaks down? And how can travelers to remote foreign locations protect themselves? Weigh in with your thoughts.
The Art of Being Luis Marden

A master of many callings, writer, photographer, and explorer Luis Marden spent 64 years with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, shaping the magazine’s signature style.

Highlight: Check out the bibliography for a complete listing of Marden’s works.
Preying on Giants

In Botswana, a pride of lions regularly face-off with elephants and emerge the victors. This unique behavior is captured for the first time ever in print.

Nepal: Changed for Good, for Bad, Forever

Gateway to the Himalaya, the nation faces a new challenge: coping with the opportunities of modern times as it continues to struggle under its old burden of poverty.

Pueblo Ancestors Return Home

After some 80 years, the remains of more than 2,000 Native Americans are returned to New Mexico to rest in peace among their own.

Highlight: POINT OF VIEW Photographer Ira Block documents what’s been called the single largest repatriation of Native American ancestral remains.

Highlight: FORUM How much effort should museums make to return ancient remains and artifacts to cultural descendants? And who should initiate such actions? Tell us what you think.

ZipUSA: Beverly Hills, California 90210

Under the glitz and glamour, looks really are everything.

Highlight: NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choice for coverage in this new magazine series.

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