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Final Editthe image we rescued from the cutting room floor

Bert Fox “This was one of 20 or so photographs that bubbled to the top,” says illustrations editor Bert Fox of why this photo was a finalist for the magazine and a winner here. “I responded to the patterns, shapes, and colors. It had a lot of punch.” Ultimately Fox and designer Robert Gray chose a different shot for the magazine. “We decided to go for a theme of solitude and isolation,” Fox said. You can find their choice—a picture of a cloaked woman alone at the Tripoli airport—on pages 4-5 of the November issue.

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Photograph by Reza To send this image as a postcard click here.

Libya: Uncovering a Culture
Photographer Reza couldn’t let this shot get away. A group of shrouded women, each modestly revealing a single eye, sat against an elaborate tent wall to watch a festival in the mountain town of Kabaw. “Because it was a public place, it was a rare chance to photograph women whose Islamic tradition insists that men shouldn’t look at women, ” he says.

Check out the feature story this photo was originally taken for, and learn more about life in the North African nation at “Libya: An End to Isolation? ”. You’ll also find out about the challenges of this assignment from photographer Reza in a multimedia interview.
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