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Match Wits with the Editor
Which cover did Editor Bill Allen choose for December?
Polar Bear Beginnings
Photograph by
Norbert Rosing
The Blue Nile
Photograph by
Nevada Wier
Journey to Shipton's Lost Arch
Photograph by
Gordon Wiltsie

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In next month's issue
The Blue Nile: Ethiopia’s Sacred Waters (cover choice, center)
This legendary river inspires both reverence and fear among the Ethiopians who live along its banks.

Polar Bear Beginnings: New Life on the Ice (cover choice, left)
The Arctic’s most formidable predator has a tender side too.

Dawn of Humans: Who Were the First Americans?
It’s an open question as archaeologists weigh the newest evidence.

Fiordland: New Zealand’s Southern Sanctuary
Craggy arms of rock reach toward the Tasman Sea in New Zealand’s largest national park.

In Search of Lake Wobegon
Author Garrison Keillor’s famous fictional town is alive and well and operating under several assumed names in the heart of Minnesota.

Journey to Shipton’s Lost Arch (cover choice, right)
Five adventurers journey to western China to become the first to climb this geologic wonder.

ZipUSA: North Pole, Alaska 99705
Does this suburban town live up to its name? If you run into Kris Kringel at the North Pole Plaza Mall, ask him.

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