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December 2000

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The Blue Nile: Ethiopia’s Sacred Waters
This legendary river inspires both reverence and fear among the Ethiopians who live along its banks.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Author Virginia Morell talks about adventures along the river and reads excerpts from her journal.
Bear Beginnings: New Life on the Ice

The Arctic’s most formidable predator has a tender side too.

Sights & Sounds

Listen to author/photographer Norbert Rosing as he talks about polar bear parenting while viewing images of a mother bear and her triplet cubs.
Dawn of Humans: Who Were the First Americans?

It’s an open question as archaeologists weigh the newest evidence.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Archaeologists Joseph McAvoy discusses theories about the first Americans based on artifacts unearthed at the Cactus Hill site in Virginia.

Highlight: Spanish-English FORUM The latest findings cast doubt on the long-held theory that the only way the first Americans came was by walking across a land bridge from Asia during a single migration. Still others question their direct relationship to today’s Indians. Why is it important to know conclusively who these people were and how they arrived? Join the discussion.

Los últimos hallazgos nos hacen dudar la antigua teoría que los primeros americanos vinieron de Asia cruzando un puente de tierra durante una sola migración. Otros aún cuestionan la relación con los indios de hoy en día. ¿Porqué es importante saber definitivamente quienes eran estas gentes y cómo llegaron? Entrada.
Fiordland: New Zealand’s Southern Sanctuary

Craggy arms of rock reach toward the Tasman Sea in New Zealand’s largest national park.

In Search of Lake Wobegon

The author’s famous fictional town is alive and well and operating under several assumed names in the heart of Minnesota.

Highlight: FORUM Though Garrison Keillor’s characters are make-believe, he makes them seem real. What do you like about the Lake Wobegon tales and characters? Tell us your tales.

Highlight: AUDIO Listen to Keillor tell his story.
Sights & Sounds

Don’t miss author Garrison Keillor as he brings the charm of fictional Lake Wobegon to life, accompanied by images of the people and places that reflect his tales.
Journey to Shipton’s Lost Arch

Five adventurers travel to western China to become the first to climb this geologic wonder.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Photographer Gordon Wiltsie recounts the jaw-clenching danger faced by the expedition team.

Highlight: FORUM A team traveled halfway around the world into dangerous terrain to retrace the footsteps of explorer Eric Shipton. What is the value of such explorations? Is this a waste of financial—and human—resources? Tell us what you think.
ZipUSA: North Pole, Alaska 99705

Does this bedroom community live up to its name? If you run into Kris Kringel at the North Pole Plaza Mall, ask him.

Highlight: FORUM Christmas and Santa Claus are serious business to the people of North Pole, Alaska. So tell us, do you believe in Santa? Share your secret stories.

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