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Match Wits with the Editor

Last Month’s Winner

The winner! This was the Editor’s
choice for the January cover.

Photograph by
David Doubilet

Tally as of January 17, 2000:

Photograph by
Cary Wolinsky

Tally as of January 17, 2000:

Photograph by
Sam Abell

Tally as of January 17, 2000:

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In Next Month's Issue
In the Shadow of the Andes: A Personal Journey
On familiar ground, an Ecuadorian explores lifeways shaped by the lofty range that spans a continent.

A Mars Never Dreamed Of
As the Mars Global Surveyor beams home unprecedented images, our assumptions about the red planet explode.

Jewel Scarabs
Gleaming beetles from Central America attract insect enthusiasts and offer hope for saving a priceless habitat.

Swamps of Jersey: The Meadowlands
Home to rivers of grass and rabid sports fans, a onetime trash heap shines in Manhattan's shadow.

Update From the Field
Elephants, ice, and architecture—nothing escapes the purposeful gaze of the Society’s research grantees.

Bushmen: Last Stand for Southern Africa’s First People
Southern Africa’s hunter-gatherers seek a foothold.

Paintings of the Spirit
Ancient rock art sheds light on the trance experiences of Bushman shamans.

ZipUSA: Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795
Outriggers rule in the Hawaiians’ Hawaii.

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