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February 2001

Browse our online feature offerings, from field adventures and factoids to maps and multimedia. On every feature screen you can Zoom In on Web-exclusive photo galleries and get the tech facts behind the frames. Then enter the world of writers and photographers with behind-the-scenes tales of life On Assignment. Finally, find full resource listings from links to printable maps in More to Explore. Be sure to check out this month’s Sights & Sounds—our multimedia showstopper.

In the Shadow of the Andes: A Personal Journey

On familiar ground, an Ecuadorian explores lifeways shaped by the lofty range that spans a continent.
A Mars Never Dreamed Of

As the Mars Global Surveyor beams home unprecedented images, our assumptions about the red planet explode.

Highlight: Spanish-English FORUM Recent images of Mars’s terrain intensify debates about the presence of water and the possibility of finding life. If the red planet were livable for humans, would you go there? Join the discussion.
Imágenes recientes del terreno rojo de este planeta intensifican debates sobre las posibilidades de hallar agua y vida en éste. Sí los humanos pudiéramos vivir en Marte ¿iría usted? Únase a la discusión. Entrada.

Sights & Sounds

NASA scientist Jim Garvin narrates a multimedia slideshow of the latest extraordinary images from Mars.
Jewel Scarabs

Gleaming beetles from Central America attract insect enthusiasts and offer hope for saving a priceless habitat.
Swamps of Jersey: The Meadowlands

Home to rivers of grass and rabid sports fans, a onetime trash heap shines in Manhattan’s shadow.

Highlight: FORUM Despite decades of garbage, industrial waste, deforestation, and urbanization, New Jersey’s wetlands are making a comeback. How can nature perpetuate itself in an urban setting? Tell us your stories.

Highlight: POLL What are you willing to sacrifice to preserve wild areas in urban settings? Make a choice.

Update From the Field

Elephants, ice, and architecture? Nothing escapes the purposeful gaze of the Society’s research grantees.
Bushmen: Last Stand for Southern Africa’s First People

Southern Africa’s hunter-gatherers seek a foothold.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Photographer Chris Johns discusses his adventures among the Bushmen.

Highlight: AUDIO Listen to the distinctive clicking sounds of the Bushman language (translation included).

Highlight: FORUM Distinguished in the past by traditional skills, Bushmen are dying out. Is there room for such cultures in modern society? And how should culture be defined? Tell us what you think.

Sights & Sounds

Photographer Chris Johns introduces southern Africa’s first people and their struggle to survive in their own land.
Paintings of the Spirit

Ancient rock art sheds light on the trance thoughts of Bushman shaman.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Go on a journey of the spirit as photographer Kenneth Garrett discusses the evocative paintings of Drakensberg caves.

Zip USA: Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Outriggers rule in the Hawaiians’ Hawaii.

Highlight: FORUM Sure, there’s the soft sand, sun-drunk palm trees, otherworldly lava formations, and monster waves, but what’s so great about Hawaii? Why does everybody want to go there? Share your thoughts.

Highlight: NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choice for coverage in this new magazine series.

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