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Match Wits with the Editor

Last Month’s Winner

The winner! This was the Editor’s
choice for the February cover.

Photograph by
Pablo Corral Vega

Tally as of January 17, 2001:

Photograph by
Chris Johns

Tally as of January 17, 2001:

Photograph by
David Hawks

Tally as of January 17, 2001:

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In Next Month's Issue
The Green Abyss: Megatransect Part II
Pushing through the heart of the African jungle, ecologist Michael Fay continues his unprecedented trek.

The Clearing
Deep in the Congo a sunny glade attracts gorillas, elephants, antelope, and—for six weeks—a dogged photographer.

The Treasured Islands of Palmyra
A Pacific island paradise, one of the world’s premier seabird breeding sites, has won protection thanks to a private conservation group.

Moche Burials Uncovered
Extravagant grave goods add to the mystery of this ancient people of Peru.

Indonesia: Living Dangerously
Religious zealots and regional separatists force the issue: Can the far-flung nation hold together?

William Bartram: A Naturalist’s Vision of Frontier America
An American naturalist explored the South just before the Revolutionary War and left a legacy of art and writings that shaped a young nation’s appreciation of its beauty.

ZipUSA: Rico, Colorado 81332
It could be the next Telluride, but for now this tiny mountain town likes its edges rough.

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