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March 2001

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The Green Abyss: Megatransect Part 2

Pushing through the heart of the African jungle, ecologist Michael Fay continues his unprecedented trek.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Photographer Michael Nichols discusses his adventures crossing the Congo.

Highlight: SPANISH-ENGLISH FORUM To survey the condition of wildlife, J. Michael Fay and his crew faced exhaustion and disease—some deadly—to trek across 1,200 miles (1,900 kilometers) of Africa. Are such pursuits worth the risks? Share your thoughts.

Para estudiar el estado de la vida silvestre, J. Michael Fay y su equipo enfrentaron agotamiento y enfermedades—algunas mortales—para cruzar 1,200 millas (1,900 kilómetros) hacia las inexploradas extensiones de Africa. ¿Valen la pena estas misiones dado los riesgos? Díganos por que. Entrada.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Deep in the Congo a sunny glade attracts gorillas, elephants, antelope, and—for six weeks—a dogged photographer. Michael Nichols discusses his time photographing Africa’s diverse wildlife.
The Treasured Islands of Palmyra

A Pacific island paradise, one of the world’s premier seabird breeding sites, has won protection thanks to a private conservation group.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA Tune in for author Alex Chadwick’s on-the-air tales of adventure on Palmyra Atoll.

Highlight: FORUM Untouched since World War II and now protected, uninhabited Palmyra Atoll may be the closest thing to a Pacific paradise. Protecting this island—which most people will never visit—is costly. What is the value of maintaining such pristine places? Join the discussion.

Moche Burials Uncovered

Extravagant grave goods add to the mystery of this ancient people of Peru.
Indonesia: Living Dangerously

Religious zealots and regional separatists force the question: Can this far-flung nation hold together?

Highlight: FORUM Geographically fragmented Indonesia is home to four major religions and hundreds of ethnic groups with diverse languages and cultures. How do countries with highly diverse populations remain united? What does your country do to ensure the inclusion and compatibility of all its people? Tell us about it.

Sights & Sounds

Indonesia’s archipelago comes alive in this multimedia slideshow narrated by Illustrations Editor Bert Fox.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA French photographer Alexandra Boulat describes life on assignment.

William Bartram: A Naturalist’s Vision of Frontier America

This American naturalist explored the South just before the Revolutionary War and left a legacy of art and writings that shaped a young nation’s appreciation of its beauty.

Highlight: POINT OF VIEW Learn how photographer Annie Griffiths Belt and artist Jill Enfield painted pictures of the past. Also, hear the mournful call of sandhill cranes—first cataloged by William Bartram—as you watch tens of thousands of them during their annual migration.
ZipUSA: Rico, Colorado 81332

It could be the next Telluride, but for now this tiny mountain town likes its edges rough.

Highlight: NOMINATE your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choice for coverage in this new magazine series.

Highlight: POLL Should small towns fight big developers or welcome them? Vote now.

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