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Match Wits with the Editor
Which cover did Bill Allen choose for April?
Pharaohs of the Sun
Photograph by
Kenneth Garrett
Flower Trade
Photograph by
Sisse Brimberg
A River Dammed
Photograph by
Jim Richardson

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In next month's issue
A River Dammed (cover choice, right)
Columbia River salmon are in decline despite heroic measures to sustain them, and Pacific Northwesterners search their souls: Should some dams be dismantled to save the fish?

Pharaohs of the Sun (cover choice, left)
Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti ruled Egypt just long enough to transform the empire’s religion, art, and architecture. Digs at Amarna yield clues to their enigmatic dynasty.

Pursuing the Minke
With a million of these sleek, fast-breeding creatures in the seas, whaling nations, led by Norway and Japan, urge an end to the 15-year-old ban on all commercial whaling.

Gypsies—The Outsiders
Romanticized as free spirits, hounded for being different, the people who call themselves Roma fight for their place in a world where there are few welcome mats.

Flower Trade (cover choice, center)
High-tech hybrids, brand names, and the Internet invade a multibillion-dollar, world-girdling business once dominated by family farms and now coming up roses.

ZipUSA: Harlem, New York
Long a mecca for African Americans and foreign tourists, Harlem hits a high note as yuppies and developers sing its praises. Residents are a bit worried.

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