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Match Wits with the Editor
Which cover has the right stuff? Pick your favorite, and watch for Editor Bill Allen’s choice next month.

Click on the cover you think will be May’s pick:
Photograph by
Steve Winter
The Adventures of Marco Polo
Photograph by
Michael Yamashita
The Fragile World of Frogs
Photograph by
George Grall

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In next month's issue
The Adventures of Marco Polo (cover choice, center)
The storied Venetian trader escapes bandits, rampaging rivers, and sandstorms to reach Kublai Khan’s court in far-off China in this first of three articles.

Jaguars (cover choice, left)
These elusive cats rank among Latin America’s supreme predators. Conservationists seek to connect their isolated refuges.
WEB SPECIAL: Watch wild jaguars being radio collared and hear the big cats roar.

Black Sea Mysteries
Ancient shipwrecks and telltale shells bring to life epics of distant trade and a prehistoric flood.

Deadly Haven: Mexico’s Poisonous Cave
An underworld of hydrogen sulfide harbors life-forms awesome and awful.

Largest animals that ever flew, pterosaurs ruled the skies for 150 million years until their sudden demise.

The Fragile World of Frogs (cover choice, right)
Victims of pollution, disease, and habitat loss, amphibians are vanishing all over the globe.

ZipUSA: Jamestown, New Mexico 87347
Pull the rig into this mammoth truck stop and get a meal, a shower, and some spiritual renewal.

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