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Cross the desert with Marco Polo, dive into Black Sea mysteries, discover life in a toxic cave, and take flight with pterosaurs. Then CONTACT US and tell us what you think.
May 2001
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with the Editor and preview next month’s issue.

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From “Phantoms of the Night.”

Revisit a photo from the past and browse our archives.

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Identify this month’s mystery photo.

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The picture rescued from the cutting room floor.

Global Getaways
Our international editors reveal their top five travel destinations.

NGM online: the last five years.


Global Getaways
Global GetawaysMeet the editor of National Geographic Korea and savor the Asian spice of her five favorite places to visit in her homeland.
CODIE Award Finalist 2001

May 2001 Features
Marco Polo, Part I
Black Sea
Poisonous Cave
Jamestown, NM
The Sights & Sounds of Phantoms of the Night
Jaguars—Track “the beast that kills with one leap” with photographer Steve Winter and experience the big cats in the wild in this multimedia expedition.

Bad luck plagued the expedition, but those troubles faded next to the thrill of discovering ancient shipwrecks and evidence of an epic flood that may have inspired the biblical story of Noah. Listen to Ballard tell the tale.
Bob Ballard

Online Extra: New Home on the Range Cleaner Living and Driving Technologies for a Greener 21st Century. What will we drive in the next hundred years and beyond?

image: Newborn Frog
Point of View
How does one capture an image at the split second a newborn frog steps out of its egg sac? Photographer George Grall shares his secrets. Then catch a slippery specimen for your desktop and send a froggy e-greeting to a friend.


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Cats Versus Cattle Ranchers
As ranchers expand their property into jaguar range, cats have the opportunity to kill cattle. Ranchers then kill jaguars. Can ranchers and jaguars come to a truce? Vote now.


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Weigh in with your thoughts, and debate issues surrounding several of our feature stories. To help foster a cross-cultural perspective, we’ve included a Spanish-language forum.


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