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Match Wits with the Editor

Last Month’s Winner

The winner! This was the Editor’s
choice for the May cover.

Photograph by
Steve Winter

Tally as of April 17, 2001:
The Adventures of Marco Polo
Photograph by
Michael Yamashita

Tally as of April 17, 2001:
The Fragile World of Frogs
Photograph by
George Grall

Tally as of April 17, 2001:

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In Next Month's Issue
Probing Chile’s Wild Coast
Battling furious winds and rain, a team of cavers explores a bleak island at the bottom of the world.
Article and Photographs by Carsten Peter

Marco Polo in China
A trusted member of the court of Kublai Khan for 17 years, Marco traveled throughout the realm as his emissary, noting wonders from rice wine to paper money.
By Mike EdwardsPhotographs by Michael Yamashita

Asia’s Last Lions
Extinction stalks the Asiatic lion, a regal subspecies now crowded into a single sanctuary in India’s Gir Forest.
Article and Photographs by Mattias Klum

Wales: Finding Its Voice
Pride in its ancient—and tongue-twisting—language and an economy on the rise are powering the new Cymru.
By Simon WorrallPhotographs by Vincent J. Musi

Oil and Honor at Pearl Harbor
Sixty years after Japanese bombers sank the U.S.S. Arizona, the silent wreck still sheds fuel oil, drop by drop, over the memories of a hellish Hawaiian morning.
By Priit J. VesilindPhotographs by David Doubilet

WEB SPECIAL Re-create the day of infamy using a new interactive map.

Eternal Djénné
Architectural gem of West Africa, Mali’s holy city rebuilds after years of drought and decay.
By Karen E. LangePhotographs by Sarah Leen

ZipUSA: Cary, North Carolina 27513
All roads lead to a cul-de-sac in this booming high-tech hometown of transplanted Yankees.
By Joel Bourne, Jr. Photographs by Scott Lewis

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