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Face nature’s wrath in Chile, caravan across China with Marco Polo, explore the forest kingdom of Asiatic Lions, and honor the victims of Pearl Harbor. Then CONTACT US and tell us what you think.
June 2001
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CODIE Award Finalist 2001

June 2001 Features
Chile’s Wild Coast
Marco Polo II
Asia’s Last Lions
Oil and Honor at
Pearl Harbor
Eternal City
ZipUSA: Cary, NC
The Sights and Sounds of Asia's Last Lions
Pick up the trail of the big cats with photographer Mattias Klum and experience their behavior in the wild in this multimedia expedition.

Oil and Honor at Pearl Harbor
“From the Arizona, day after day, a drop at a time, rises a stubborn remembrance of a day of fire and valiant death.” Sixty years later the fate of a watery shrine remains uncertain.
U.S.S. Arizona

Too Bright? Learn why this image didn't make the article but took first place in Final Edit. Global Getaways: The editor of National Geographic Turkey picks her five favorite places to visit in her country.

Piecing Together Wild Lands. International neighbors come together to conserve the Sonoran Desert. EarthPulse

Chile cave photograph by Bernard Tourte;
USS Arizona Memorial photograph by Tria Thalman, NGT.


June NGM 

Oils of War
Oil trapped in Pearl Harbor’s sunken U.S.S. Arizona poses a serious environmental threat. What should happen to a shrine that is also a tomb? Vote now.


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