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Match Wits with the Editor
Which cover has the right stuff? Pick your favorite, and watch for Editor Bill Allen’s choice next month.

Click on the cover you think will be July’s pick:
Marco Polo's Voyage Home
Photograph by
Michael Yamashita
Monhegan Island
Photograph by
Amy Toensing
Photograph by
Joel Sartore

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In next month's issue
Grizzlies (cover choice, right)
Rulers of the wilderness, these intelligent and adaptable brown bears face shrinking ranges due to escalating human demands.
By Douglas H. ChadwickPhotographs by Joel Sartore

Marco Polo’s Voyage Home (cover choice, left)
Sailing the treacherous coast of Southeast Asia and India, Marco returns to Venice after 24 years, rich in gems and wild tales of unimagined lands.
By Mike EdwardsPhotographs by Michael Yamashita

Urban Sprawl
Most people agree that unchecked development is a bad deal—for commuters, for taxpayers, for the environment. But few can agree on how to achieve smart growth.
By John G. MitchellPhotographs by Sarah Leen

Cuba’s Golden Past
Havana’s glittering era as Spain’s premier New World port gleams in treasures rescued from the sea.
By Thomas B. AllenPhotographs by Ira Block

Monhegan Island (cover choice, center)
Twelve miles off Maine, a refuge of solitary painters and lobstermen weathers a tide of summer tourists.
By Cathy NewmanPhotographs by Amy Toensing

Kingdom of Aksum
Ethiopia’s Christians still flock to the intricate stone churches of the highlands where their faith arose.
By Candice S. MillardPhotographs by George Steinmetz

ZipUSA: Delacroix
Spanish roots anchor this flood-prone Louisiana island. Hauling sandbags is as natural as hauling shrimp.
By Joel Bourne, Jr.Photographs by Medford Taylor

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