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Small Wonder

Small Wonder
Photograph by Norbert Rosing

Dropped onto the harsh tundra just two days before, a muskox calf that has strayed from the herd chooses photographer Norbert Rosing to be its surrogate mother. “If calves lose track of the other muskoxen, they’ll follow anything big and dark,” says Rosing. “This one came over, pursing its lips, and tried to suckle on my leg—which sort of tickled.” Luckily, when the muskox realized there was no milk to be had, it trotted back toward its own kind.

Camera: Leica R8
Film Type: Fujichrome Velvia 50
Lens: Apo-Makro-Elmarit 100mm f/2
Weather Conditions: Clear weather
Time of Day: Around midnight
Lighting Techniques: Not recorded

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