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Bat Patrol

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Air Defense

Air Defense
Photograph by Jay Dickman

In a never ending war against pests, Texas farmers spent about 345 million dollars to treat their fields with pesticides in 1997, sometimes using crop dusters. Farmers also have natural allies: about a hundred million Mexican free–tailed bats that live in caves around Austin and San Antonio. In spring and summer the voracious bats eat as much as a thousand tons of insects each night. Without the bats, and the conservationists who protect them, pesticide use could skyrocket.

Camera: Nikon F100
Film Type: Fujichrome Velvia
Lens: Nikon 80-200mm
Speed and F-Stop: 1/30 @ f/2.8
Weather Conditions: Hot, typical Texas day
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Lighting Techniques: Natural light

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