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April 2002

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Tibetans: Moving Forward, Holding On

Adapting to the realities of Chinese rule, Tibetans still manage to hold on to cherished traditions.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of where Tibetans reside in Asia.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Steve McCurry talks about Tibet’s recent past and present challenges.

Highlight: FORUM Tibetans are cautiously seeking the economic freedoms enjoyed by the Chinese. How would life be different for Tibetans if China had not taken control? Enter>>

Maneless in Tsavo

Legendary Kenya lions shed their mystery.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of the African range of maneless lions.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO  Bob Caputo discusses the difficulties of photographing lions in the wild.

Highlight: WALLPAPER Creatures great and small pounce, stampede, skitter, and dart onto your desktop as this month’s wallpaper.

Yucatán’s Mysterious Hill Cities

Ancient Maya ruins stud Mexico’s hill country.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of the ruined settlements of Mexico’s Puuc region.

Muskoxen: Relics of the Pleistocene

Hunted nearly to extinction for their meat and coats, the “bearded ones” again thrive in the Arctic.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Norbert Rosing describes how muskoxen are tailor-made for cold climate.

Lewis and Clark’s Lost Missouri

A geographer maps the explorers’ path into the West—unsettling some towns’ claims to fame.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of the expedition’s route.

Highlight: FORUM Recently plotted maps reveal some surprising discoveries and new theories about the Lewis and Clark expedition along the Missouri River. Why are historical revisions difficult for some people to accept? Enter>>

China’s Hengduan Mountains

Government decrees protect the fragile habitat of the Hengduan Mountains, where Buddhism alone stood guard.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of the Hengduan Mountains’ sacred slopes.

Highlight: MULTIMEDIA VIDEO Mark W. Moffett talks about the relationship between religion and culture in this Chinese mountain locale.

Bat Patrol

Radar follows bats in Texas as they gorge on crop pests.

Highlight: MAP Downloadable, printable, high-resolution map of radar tracking of bat night-flight.

Highlight: VIDEO Doppler radar captures the nighttime chase of bats and bugs.

Highlight: VIDEO Bats make an evening exodus from their haven beneath a Texas bridge.

Highlight: ONLINE EXTRA Despite fantastic tales to the contrary, bats help far more than harm.

FORUM Bats have long played a prominent role in nightmarish gothic tales, made no less believable by their unusual anatomy and less-than-adorable faces. Why do bats evoke such fear? Do homely creatures get a bad rap? Enter>>

ZipUSA: Pickstown, SD 57367

Dam-building spawned a workers’ town on the Missouri and the Tom Sawyer youth of a favorite son.

Highlight: FORUM Tom Sawyer had nothing on Tom Brokaw. The television journalist’s boyhood in Pickstown, South Dakota, was akin to that of a storybook. What are the pros and cons of living in a small town? Enter>>

FORUM Nominate your own wonderful, weird, or wacky choice for this magazine series. Enter>>


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