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April 2002

Delve deeper into hot topics featured in April’s Geographica and Maya Mural articles with help from our all-new Resources. Click on a link, pick up a periodical, browse through a book, and explore!
GeographicaMaya Mural
Field Dispatch — Date-changing Discovery
Maya Mural
Field Dispatch

Date-changing Discovery

Archaeologist William Saturno stumbles upon the earliest extensive Maya painting yet found.


Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Visit the museum where David Stuart is curator of Maya hieroglyphics and investigate other projects that Harvard sponsors to help save the Maya heritage.

Bonampak Murals
Explore Mexico’s famous Bonampak murals, painted about 700 years after the new discovery at San Bartolo, Guatemala.

Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour of Bonampak and its dazzling paintings of pomp and power.

Free World Map

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