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Italy's Po River

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A Waterman’s World
Photograph by William Albert Allard

In the Po Delta, Mario Moretti rakes a clam bed that has been seeded by a local fishing cooperative. Some clammers, clad in wetsuits, wade in the water to rake the clams by hand, while others use mechanical dredges that Moretti says destroy the habitat. He sticks to his heavy rasca, a long-handled net, even though he says the backbreaking work makes young men old. “The best part of my day is heading in with my catch,” says Moretti, who admits that time spent on the water is worth the effort.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Leica M6
Film Type: Kodachrome 25
Lens: 35mm
Speed and F-Stop: 60 sec @ f/2.8
Weather Conditions: Cloudy
Time of Day: Early morning
Lighting Techniques: Ambient light mixed with strobe on camera

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