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Italy's Po River

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Paddling the Po
Photograph by William Albert Allard

Cremona teens Maria Orlando (in red), Riccardo Gualazzi, and Marianna Generali pose beside the Po, the training ground for their local rowing club. Some of their fellow paddlers have made it all the way to the Italian National Rowing Team’s junior division. Honors or no, these kids take pride in the Po. “I love the birds and the plants along the river,” says Riccardo, age 14, “but especially the sunsets on the Po, which are as red as they come.”

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Leica M6
Film Type: Kodachrome 25
Lens: 28mm
Speed and F-Stop: 125 sec @ f/8
Weather Conditions: Sunny
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Lighting Techniques: N/A

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