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May 2002

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Food: How Safe?

Food: How Safe?

Mishandling products in the U.S. food supply—among the safest in the worldcan unleash pathogens that make eating downright unhealthy. 

Highlight: SIGHTS & SOUNDS What’s safe? What’s not? Hear from photographer Jim Richardson in our award-winning multimedia series.

Highlight: FORUM In light of heightened awareness of food safety, how have you changed what you eat or the way you handle and cook food? Enter>>

Food: How Altered? Food: How Altered?

Want disease-free grapes? Add a silkworm gene. How about vitamin-enhanced rice? While technology promises new ways to help feed the world, some see risks to the land and human health.

Highlight: FORUM Scientists are altering our food at the genetic level. Some see this as a benefit, others a danger. Enter>>

Scheer's Moths Uncommon Vision

Captivated by the beauty of moths, an artist uses digital scans to transform backyard flyers into fine art.

Highlight: E-GREET a friend with “a moth with presence.”
Catfish Hunters Catfish Hunters

Scientists surveying Guyana’s rivers find fish species healthy for now, but waters running brown from mining.

Highlight: MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of the region.
Inca Rescue Inca Rescue

Racing against developers, archaeologists save a treasure: Peru’s largest cache of mummies from a single time period along with weapons, ceramics, and elegant textiles.

Highlight: MAP Download a printable, high-resolution map of Peru pinpointing the area of excavation.

Highlight: A DIGITAL ANIMATION of a mummy bundle unwraps before your eyes.

Highlight: FORUM Share your thoughts on the line between desecration and archaeological excavation. Enter>>

Po River Italy’s Po River

Punished for centuries by destructive floods, northern Italians stubbornly embrace their nation’s longest river, which nurtures rice fields, vineyards, fisheriesand legends.

Highlight: MAP Download a printable high-resolution map of the po River’s course.

Highlight: VIDEO Bill Allard shares his experiences of Italy’s Po River.

Highlight: WALLPAPER Beautiful and haunting scenes from along the Po come alive on your desktop this moth.

Highlight: FORUM Share your thoughts on all things Italianfavorite places, foods, wines, and more. Enter>>

ZipUSA: 60614 ZipUSA: 60614

When Chicago’s elevated trains rattle the windows, Lincoln Park neighbors just smile at each other, wave to the commuters, and return to their flower boxes and upscale cafs.

Highlight: FORUM Nominate your favorite zip or postal code for coverage in the pages of National Geographic. Enter>>


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