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Beasts of the Boreal

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Not So Soft and Fuzzy
Photograph by Antti Leinonen

Stretching near its home den, an adult wolverine suspiciously sniffs the forest air for the presence of potential enemies. If surprised by a wolf or hunting dog, a wolverine will likely roll on its back, snarl loudly, and slash at the attacker with its long claws. It can also emit a powerful stink from its scent glands. Humans remain the wolverine’s most dangerous enemy. Trapping and poisoning, as well as large-scale habitat loss, have eliminated wolverines from their former ranges in eastern Canada, the upper Midwest in the United States, and much of southern Scandinavia. Though encountering a wolverine in the wild is uncommon, the best chance for a sighting exists in Russian Siberia, western Canada, and Alaska.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: EOS 100
Film Type: Fuji
Lens: EF 300 mm
Speed and F-Stop: N/A
Weather Conditions: Clear
Time of Day: Late evening in July.
Lighting Techniques: N/A
Special Equipment: N/A

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