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Afghan Odyssey

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War Weary
Photograph by Lois Raimondo

Women and children stop to rest at Bangi bridge, the halfway point between Taloqan and Kunduz. These families were fleeing Kunduz, which had become the target of an American bombing campaign to root out Taliban and al Qaeda forces in the area. The bombing displaced thousands of Afghan civilians, and the number of civilian casualties remains unclear.

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Canon EOS 1N
Film Type:
Fuji 200 negative
Speed and F-Stop: 1/500 @ f/11
Weather Conditions: bright sun
Time of Day:
Early afternoon
Lighting Techniques: Available light

Special equipment or comments:  High noon in unshaded space is probably the worst possible time of day to make pictures, but when doing documentary work you have to move with the subject even when it means harsh light. In this case, I think it works ok because the hot light magnifies the suffocation and desperation that these women—all refugees on the run from bombs falling on their town—later said they felt walking for miles in 100F (38C) temperatures in full burka with the war close on their heels.

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