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Andes Empires

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Founding Figures
Photograph by Kenneth Garrett

These 40 greenstone carvings with distinctive dress and headgear are one of two such sets found in ceremonial caches in the Wari city of Pikillacta in Peru. Twenty of the figures in each set are identical, leading expert Anita Cook to suggest they represent the founders of the Wari Empire. “They’re evidence of the Wari’s ancestor worship,” says Cook. “The Wari believed their ancestors were the link between everyday life and the supernatural world.”

Photo Fast Facts

Camera: Nikon F5
Film Type: Fuji 64-T
Lens: Nikkor 105mm micro
Speed and F-Stop: 1 sec @ f/16
Weather Conditions: Interior
Time of Day: Morning
Lighting Techniques: Tungtsen lights

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