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D-Day Flag Thumbnail Tattered Survivor

Vestige of D-Day, this battered American flag was rescued from U.S.S. Corry. A mine struck the destroyer as it fired on German shore guns.

Photograph by Mark Thiessen; Collection of Grant G. Gullickson
From National Geographic magazine, June 2002

Flashback Thumbnail The Social Whirl

Men perform the attan in a village near Farah, Afghanistan, in the 1940s. This traditional pashtun folk dance, a staple entertainment at weddings, is accompanied by the ever-faster beating of drums. Participants—including, occasionally, women—spin for hours on end, until exhausted.

Photograph by Ernesto Cagnacci
From National Geographic magazine, June 2002

Final Edit Thumbnail A Fragile Future

A convergence of images symbolizes the oft-shattered hopes of long-suffering Afghanistan, a nation ensnared by want, war, and an uncertain future.

Photograph by Lois Raimondo
From National Geographic magazine, June 2002

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