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June 2002

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Opening Night

For one summer night in the desert, the cereus cactus takes center stage. The scraggly night-bloomer blossoms with five-inch-wide (13-centimeter-wide) white flowers that survive for only a short while, giving pollinators like sphinx moths a narrow window to find the blooms and propagate the plant.

Web Links

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum—Cereus Plant
Discover the secrets of this short-lived white-flowered plant.

Desert USA 2002
Learn how desert plants thrive in harsh conditions.

Pronatura Organization
Founded in 1981, Pronatura is a nonprofit Mexican organization whose mission is to protect and conserve Mexico’s biodiversity.

Wildlands Project Organization
The mission of the Wildlands Project is to protect and restore the natural heritage of North America through the establishment of a connected system of wildlands. The group seeks to create networks of wildlands from Central America to Alaska and from Nova Scotia to California

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Tweit, Susan. Seasons in the Desert: A Naturalist’s Notebook. Chronicle Books, 1998.

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